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29 Marys Point Rd

Harvey, NB

E4H 2M6


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Fragile Pampas

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Yes, there is a ramp at the entrance and wide doorways to accommodate all. There are currently plans underway that will improve bathroom accessibility in the future and allow for all to enjoy this beautiful historic space. Regretfully, our bathroom accessibility is currently limited.

The Harvey Hall relies on its board of directors and volunteers from the community to help organize and run our many events that raise funds for the hall and provides exceptional events to the local community. We are asking for help in the form of volunteer hours from members of the community who are willing to lend a helping hand but who may not be looking to commit to being a member of our board of directors. Volunteer deployment will allow us to draw on the help of willing folks as needed. Sign up in the form to the right

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Volunteer Deployment

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May - September

9:00am - 3:00pm


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