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Harvey Hall - CLoudy


Harvey Hall is a community space where history and memories are created, knowledge can be shared, neighbours become friends, and visitors can wonder.


The Harvey Hall's history has provided a community connection that has always been important in Albert County and that way of life must be protected with the preservation of the building. Since 1884, the Hall has hosted parties, weddings, anniversaries, concerts, school rooms, farmers' markets and exhibitions, memorials, and variety shows. Its architecture was designed by local Harvey-born architect brothers, James and Merritt Reid.

Fragile Pampas


Donations to the Harvey Hall contribute to the hall's restoration as well as programs that support a thriving rural community and its inhabitants.

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The Harvey Hall is a not for profit, charitable organization. If you would like a receipt for donations over 20$, please contact us through the website via the button below.


For online donations, you can also get your charitable tax receipts through

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