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Charity Status

More teamwork success for the Harvey Hall: Our dedicated treasurer reports…

The Harvey Hall is pleased to announce it was granted registered charity status by the Canada Revenue Agency!

This change in organizational status means that the Harvey Hall can now issue official donation receipts that may be used for tax purposes. We’re excited to gain charitable status!! Not only does this open additional doors for us to enhance our fundraising efforts, it also assures all donors that we are held to the strictest standards which we continue to practice.

This is a milestone for us, and we’re thankful to those who continue to invest in our programs, initiatives, and restoration/maintenance efforts.

Donations can be made by mailing a cheque to the Harvey Hall, 29 Mary’s Point Rd., Harvey Albert Co., NB, E4H 2M6 or by sending an e-transfer to

If you are sending an e-transfer, PLEASE be sure to include your full name and mailing address in the message, so the receipt may be issued. Harvey Hall issues a donation receipt for all donations $20 and over.

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