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Acquisition of "The Triangle"

Get a load of this rollicking story and happy Harvey Hall news!!!

After more than 140 years of service to community and more recently two years of exhaustive research and investigation the land adjacent to Harvey Hall now belongs to the Harvey Hall Company. The land we call the “triangle” was mentioned in the 1883 deed for the “postage stamp”. Here is the back story:

By Deed in 1883 the Robinson family conveyed a parcel of land along Mary’s Point Road leading from Harvey Corner to Harvey Bank for the purpose of building a public hall. (We call this small square of land “the postage stamp”.)The Hall was designed and constructed on the postage stamp in 1884 by the Reid brothers. Reportedly the Reid brothers designed the Riverside Albert school, the Albert County Courthouse, and the Del Coronado Hotel in Coronado, California among MANY other notable buildings.

Additionally, the postage stamp deed granted beneficial use of the adjoining land, still in the Robinson family, for access while constructing the hall. This deed also gave the public hall operators access through the adjoining land for making repairs to the hall at any time in the future. (This parcel we refer to as “the triangle”). By deed in 1887 the Robinson family conveyed the triangle to The Harvey Agricultural Society.

The Harvey Hall Company was created by an Act of the New Brunswick Legislature in 1896.

By deed in 1898 the Robinson family conveyed the postage stamp to the Harvey Hall Company. That Deed recited that the Public Hall was then standing on the postage stamp.

Since 1927, all agricultural societies in New Brunswick, including The Harvey Agricultural Society, were made subject to the Agricultural Associations Act. These societies were created for the purpose of promoting various types of agriculture specific to certain NB localities. Within that Act the Lieutenant-Governor in Council was authorized to cancel the incorporation of any agricultural society for non-compliance with the Act. Upon cancelation society property would become Crown land.

In 1957 the Lieutenant-Governor in Council canceled the incorporation of over 30 NB agricultural societies including The Harvey Agricultural Society. The triangle, titled to the Harvey Agricultural Society became Crown land.

Since 1966 the triangle and the postage stamp have been assessed together under one Property Account Number and Harvey Hall Company has paid the property tax.

Pursuant to various Provincial Crown Land acts, the Province may convey Crown land to an entity if it proves possessory title. The Harvey Hall Company continuously used the triangle since 1898 and paid taxes since 1966, has thereby established possessory title. The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure agreed and found transferring the triangle to the Harvey Hall Company was in the best interest of the Crown.

This transfer occurred in late 2023. What a great Christmas present to the community!

The current focus of the Harvey Hall Board of Directors is, with the support of many local volunteers and advisors, to fully restore the Harvey Hall so it can continue to serve the people of Harvey and the rest of Albert County for another century. This restoration involves significant structural repairs to the Hall, including moving the Hall to a more secure foundation on the triangle.

Many thanks to MLA Mike Holland and his very supportive staff for lending a shoulder to this effort. Likewise, we owe a debt of gratitude to attorneys from Cox and Palmer for their legal guidance.

Please share our joy in this major accomplishment for the Harvey Hall, with our sincere appreciation to Lee Warnock in Alma whose volunteer efforts, travels, and countless hours of research succeeded in achieving this milestone!

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